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Reentry Packet



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 RPYour packet can include any of the documents listed below:

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Choose Your Perspective

Handling Frustration

Motivation Tips

Transition Tips

Culture Shock!

Ubuntu:Building Social Fabric

Dealing With Rejection

Working Through Depression


Educate Yourself

Managing Anger

Resisting Influence

How To Watch TV


Fair Shake Exclusive Documents

Fair Shake Ownership Manual

Culture Shock


The transition from incarceration to independence can be difficult!

Relationships: Proceed  With Caution!

     Ready For Release

For Release

In Your
  First Week


Self Study/ Workshop Guides

The Self-Study/Workshop Guide has been created for workshops, reentry classes and other discussion groups to encourage deeper thinking about the documents in the middle of our Reentry Packet. Although the Guide can be used for self-directed learning, we greatly enhance our understanding of the concepts by sharing our perspective and listening to the perspectives of others. We hope you will also share your thoughts with us so we can continue to improve our Packet and the Guide.







Self Study / Workshop Guides