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Who are the Stakeholders Fair Shake appeals to?

Though tremendous responsibility is on the shoulders of those transitioning from prison to society, their success also requires support from the community.  Fair Shake has identified six stakeholder groups – and assembled specific pages for each group – to help everyone find ways to get involved.

Currently and Formerly Incarcerated: The skills learned in prison may be different from those needed after release.  The transition will likely not be easy. We made our best and most creative tools for those who are coming home; including ways to relax and reduce stress.
Family and Friends: Freely utilize the Fair Shake website to support loved ones while they are incarcerated and through their transition home. We also provide valuable information for children who are dealing with difficult feelings, and to support family reunification.
Employers:  Fair Shake offers tools and testimonials to offer a formerly incarcerated applicant a second chance.  On this page we list tax credit, training and bonding information, along with testimonials and support.
Corrections and Reentry Professionals:  Fair Shake has created free offline software that mirrors the entire website so people can prepare for release on their own.  The Fair Shake website can also make locating resource easy for case managers and reentry coordinators.
Community: Formerly incarcerated individuals are among the most marginalized and stigmatized people in our society.   There are many ways we can work together to support reentry in our communities!
Property Managers: Housing is one of the most critical components to help a person reintegrate into society. Property managers have a unique opportunity to help to create one of the first and most stable bridges to success!