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Who are the Stakeholders in Reentry?

Though tremendous responsibility is on the shoulders of those transitioning from prison to society, their success is made possible only when the entire community is involved. Formerly Incarcerated individuals need employment, a place to live and a community that is willing to give them a second chance. Fair Shake has identified six major stakeholder groups – and assembled specific information for each group – to show how each of us can help formerly incarcerated individuals achieve success. To find value in our investment in corrections, we must give folks the opportunity to rejoin society when their sentence is over.

Currently and Formerly Incarcerated: The skills you learn in prison are different from those needed out here. While you may get frustrated in your transition, take a breath and remember you are on a tough journey and so is everyone who is working hard to help you stay out. We made our best and most creative tools just for you!
Family and Friends: Family members and friends, you have a huge challenge!  You can support loved ones while they are incarcerated, and through their transition home, by sending documents from our website or resources from our vast Resource Directory.  We also provide valuable information for children who are dealing with difficult feelings, and to support family reunification.
Employers: Many of you are wary of hiring recently released people. Fair Shake offers several ways for formerly Incarcerated individuals to demonstrate character and initiative to distinguish themselves in the application and interview process. The page we have created for you also includes links to your tax incentives, bonding programs and much more.
Property Managers: Housing is one of the most critical components to helping prisoners reintegrate into society. If formerly incarcerated individuals have a home, the likelihood that they will re-offend diminishes exponentially. You have the opportunity to help to create one of the first and most stable bridges between a prison cell and a community.
Community: Formerly incarcerated individuals are among the most marginalized and stigmatized people in our society. When we increase our awareness, learn about reentry and other criminal justice statistics, encourage our employers to Ban the Box, and offer opportunities to engage, we can return them to their rightful status as free and accountable citizens.
Corrections and Reentry Professionals: We offer you an opportunity to help facilitate a formerly incarcerated individuals transition by providing federal, state, and local links with information about housing, food, and employment opportunities through our Resource Directory.  Fair Shake also now offers a software application that mirrors our website so incarcerated individuals can learn to identify and find their own resources, learn to use computers and find our more about Fair Shake without access to the internet.