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Inside the Member Toolbox

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Benefits of Free Fair Shake Membership

Bridges to working and networking in today's electronic world.

This area of the website is exclusively for formerly incarcerated and has been created to provide access to - and training in - useful technological tools that can build opportunities for a Fair Shake participant.

The Fair Shake Member-Only section includes online tools such as a free email address, a Personal Web Page, data storage area, Personal Resource Directory and several tutorials to learn more about all of the above. Soon you will be able to find the Areas of Study program in there as well.

We recommend you engage in every way possible to demonstrate skills and knowledge you have acquired before, during and after incarceration.

We believe that if you embrace this section of the website you will be able to put your best foot forward to disclose your intentions, organizational skills, pride in your work, and diligence to the course you are now taking. We also believe that by utilizing these tools you can help other folks succeed! Not only will your success story be an inspiration but you can also contribute to the newsletter and the Resource Directory, as well as help us fine-tune our program to make Fair Shake a better system.