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Building Mental Strength!

Finding support when we desperately need it can be very difficult.

Sometimes we are afraid or ashamed to reach out.

We may feel that it’s too hard, or even impossible, to find a person who can empathize with our unique position.

This page is the start of a tiny library of ideas and support that might capture the right words or sentiments to reach diverse people in a myriad of life’s challenging situations.

The information on this page, like all information on the Fair Shake website, is not advice or even suggestion.  We offer options for you to explore to see if they feel relevant to you.

Please remember, too, that your body needs nourishment to serve you well. Drink lots of water and get outside to clear your mind with fresh air when you can.

As always, I would love to hear what you think, or any suggestions you’d like to share!  You can find me at sue (at) fairshake (dot) net!


How and why to spend more awareness in the present.


Appointment with the Here and Now.

Thich Nhat Hanh


A Moment in Time

Dave Gray


Assorted  Mindfulness Videos

from Mindful Magazine


Simple, Calming Breathing Exercise for Anxiety, Stress and Panic

Place: Anywhere you can make yourself physically comfortable.

Time: 5 min

Let your breath flow as deep down into your belly as is comfortable, without forcing it.

Try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Breathe in gently and regularly. Some people find it helpful to count steadily from 1 to 5. You may not be able to reach 5 at first.

Then let it flow out gently, counting from 1 to 5 again, if you find this helpful.

Keep doing this for at least 5 minutes.

5 Actions Webinars


Provided by the Digital Therapeutics Group

Self-guided webinars to support you in addressing the challenges of addiction.

If you live in New Mexico, you can participate in the free program! https://nm5actions.com/

The wisdom and generosity of


and others.  These videos are generously shared by Plum Village.

Plum Village App


Tutu Talks

Videos to inspire.

The Tutu Foundation aims to nurture the courage to heal through conversations.


SELF-Therapy For People Who ENJOY Learning About Themselves

Freely browse through the topics and explore those that are relevant to you now. Everything is easy to understand and to use. Self-disclosure is never needed. Completely confidential.



SABAHow To Be Alive!

by Tom Asacker

Become Fiercely Authentic in a Delusional World

A self-guided, free study guide to help you “infuse your life with power and possibility”. Tom presents a way to learn the most important skill that nobody taught you” through 19 short and powerful videos.

You can also consider many of the concepts in the videos through this short and powerful book:

Your Brain on Story: The Destructive Seduction of the Hero’s Journey

Tom’s description: https://www.tomasacker.com/personal-books
Buy online: https://www.amazon.com/Your-Brain-Story-Destructive-Seduction/dp/B093RP214R