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Family and Friends

You have one of the toughest and most important roles to play in reentry! The effort of supporting a family member or a friend as they make the transition from prison to society can be time-consuming, emotionally challenging and extremely difficult. If your loved one or friend is currently incarcerated, please check out the links and tools we have found to support you.

Other Resources to Support Loved Ones in Transition


Current & Accurate Re-Entry Resources for anywhere in the United States (updated in real-time) Resource Database: http://rzero.org/resource-database-2

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Find support for families with an incarcerated parent, support for family reunification, reentry resources and more in our Resource Directory!




Reentry Packet Create a Reentry Packet, including resources you select from our Resource Directory!



Culture Shock! Consider the differences between incarceration and employment environments.



Ban the Box Campaign

National Employment Law Project (NELP):

Fair Chance – Ban the Box toolkit: to help advocates launch their own fair chance, “ban the box” campaigns locally. Check out the new, comprehensive toolkit at https://www.nelp.org/publication/the-fair-chance-ban-the-box-toolkit/. You’ll find NELP’s Fair Chance Factsheet , Best Practices and Model Policies, Research Summary, City and County Guide, the latest State Guide, and many other resource


Veterans Page


The veterans’ page was created to assist veterans who have been Incarcerated as well as their families. The programs and resources on this page can help reduce the pressures associated with reentry. Our hope is that you will find these resources helpful in providing relief as you face the challenges of finding and supporting an effective  way of life after incarceration.Thank you for your service to our country.


Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Authors Page


We’ve created this page to showcase literary accomplishments of the incarcerated and formerly Incarcerated authors. In support of these individuals and all successful transitions, we have vetted and recommended the books on our Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Authors page.



Everything in this section available Online Only

Prison Activist Resource Center


Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants / C.U.R.E.

American Civil Liberties Union: Key Issues

Families Against Mandatory Minimums / FAMM

The Sentencing Project

Links for Families of Prisoners

Family Transportation to Prisons

Information available on Fair Shake:



Everything in this section available Online Only

Directory of Programs Serving Children and Families of the Incarcerated

View Programs in States Alabama-Missouri
View Programs in States Montana-Wyoming (including Washington, DC)
View Programs offering National services


The Safer Society Foundation and the Fay Honey Knopp Institute


Resources for Families http://www.safersociety.org/foundation/

The mission of the Safer Society Press is to help build a society safe from sexual abuse and personal violence. The mission of the Fay Honey Knopp Institute is to minimize the harmful impact of parental incarceration on American children and families.


Supporting Children and Families of Prisoners

From the Dept. of Health and Human Services


Parenting Issues During Incarceration

Services to Children and Families of Prisoners


Online Support Forums

Daily Strength http://www.dailystrength.org/c/Families-of-Prisoners/support-group

Prison Talk http://www.prisontalk.com/

Prison Talk: for parents with children in prison


Girl Scouts Beyond Bars for Girls and Moms



Assisting Families of Formerly and Currently Incarcerated Individuals

Visiting Tips:



Coping Strategies



How to Change a Child Support Order – State by State


(note: some states do not allow incarcerated parents to decrease, defer or delay child support payments


Forever Family: Surround Children with the Love of Family!



Strong Prison Wives & Families

Strong Prison Wives & Families is an empowered and encouraging community where the wives, girlfriends, partners, family members and friends of the incarcerated are the writers and readers.http://www.strongprisonwives.com/


Project W.H.A.T. (We’re Here And Talking) For Teens!



Support for Children and Families By State



Arkansas Voiceshttp://www.arkansasvoices.org/


Friends Outsidehttp://www.friendsoutside.org/

San Francisco: Children of Incarcerated Parents http://www.sfcipp.org/


Chillicothe Correctional Center – Program for children and their incarcerated moms

New York

NY State: The Osborne Associationhttp://www.osborneny.org/index.cfm


Oregon Dept. of Corrections – Children of Incarcerated Parents Project


Assisting Families of the Incarcerated http://www.afoi.org/