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Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Authors Page

We’ve created this page to showcase literary accomplishments of the incarcerated and formerly Incarcerated authors. In support of these individuals and all successful transitions, we have vetted and recommend the following books:

Vetted and recommended by Fair Shake


ETWEscaping The Wheel: A Novel

Eric Artisan

 Rostam, an escaped convict obsessed with reincarnation and karma, seeks more than revenge. He wishes to end his time on the Wheel of Life. But first he must right the wrongs of countless past lives and obtain forgiveness from those who would continue to pull him back to Earth.


LifeWithARecord Life With A Record: Reenter Society, Finish Supervision and Live      Successfully

  Anthony Tinsman

Things don’t magically change after you get kicked out of prison. Life starts all over again but there’s a catch, having a record impacts almost every part of your life. Filled with insights, advice, contacts, and exercises, the information in this book strikes legal, personal and professional levels. A real world guide for minimizing disruptions and maximizing success.



Reentry Sourcebook

Terrell M. Hall & Shawn R. Pelley

Created by currently and previously incarcerated individuals, the Reentry Sourcebook is an unparalleled compilation of local, state, and national resources to help individuals navigate and overcome the challenges of community reintegration. An extraordinarily comprehensive and insightful resource. With 14 hard-hitting chapters covering topics as diverse as mental health, substance abuse, housing and homelessness, consumer educations, financial assistance, education and employment, identification, family, and entrepreneurship, the Reentry Sourcebook is a critical component of any successful reentry strategy.



Vetted and recommended by Fair Shake


Children’s books by S. Sharp

ImCBani and The Magic Pot: Our Black is Beautiful Series

  1. S.Sharp
  2. A little girl facing hunger and thirst learns that through faith and kindness anyone can make a different. She also learns that in helping other people solve the problem that they face, she is also blessed by solving her own.


SSharpThe Last Hunt: Our Black is Beautiful Series

  1. S.Sharp
  2. The Last Hunt is an African Fairy Tale that we hope will be first of many books in a series called, “Our Black Is Beautiful.” It is a tale of growth, new traditions and deals with the spiritual journey of a Masai Princess as she finds herself coming of age.


Recommended by readers but not vetted by Fair Shake


PreventionGuideA Guide to Relapse Prevention for Prisoners

Charles Howard Hottinger, Jr.

A step by step guide to help you prepare a plan to overcome addiction. Written by a prisoner who has had to fight the battles of addiction.





 Newly released! 


Eric Artisan

Clay wakes . . . Every day a different life — a different reality — based on a choice he made, many years ago, resulting in infinite possibilities . . . and in the death of the one he loved. So now he seeks revenge, over and over and over again, but with no memory of what really happened, or who the real killer may be. Only the choices he makes now will determine his fate . . . and reveal the truth. 



3 decades

3 Decades

Artemio Garcia Jr.

This book reveals the life story of Artemio Garcia. Growing up in the mean streets of South Texas and facing life and death situations across the Mexico border, this book explains how Garcia was raised as most regular kids playing toys to growing as a very dangerous man within one of the most famous Texas gangs (the Vallucos), and also having ties with the Mexican Cartel. After so many years of being married to the streets, he decides to have a change of heart while sitting in a federal prison. For crimes that Garcia committed throughout his life and the way he was raised, is it possible that he’ll find redemption?

Magazine Articles

 FairChanceArtFor A Better World

“Fair Chance Employment Benefits Us All”

Terrell M. Hall

An article from Issue 13 Fall 2016  Fair Trade publication “For A Better World,” Terrell offers an in depth article surrounding the benefits of Second Chance Opportunities. Discussing the benefits of second chance opportunities. How it affects us all, as well as what we can all do to contribute to effective solutions to the issues.