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Reentry News
  • Bureau of Prisons Commits to Prison Reform

    Click on the link to find a summary of the most significant reforms at the BOP, starting from arrival and continuing until the return home. And call this toll-free reentry hotline for resources and support! 877-895-9196
  • The Baltimore Sun: Port Covington should commit to hiring ex-offenders

    What can be done to keep people from cycling back into the system? Let's start with jobs. Sustainable employment may be our single best opportunity to significantly reduce recidivism.
  • CA Voters Choice: End Death Penalty, or Speed It Up

    Voters will decide between Prop 62, which would end the death penalty and replace it with life without parole, and Prop 66, which would speed up the executions by accelerating appeals for inmates on death row.
  • False Hope and a Needless Death Behind Bars in NY

    We need to ask ourselves "What is the purpose of 'corrections'?" and "Are we achieving our goals?"
  • Cascade Engineering, in western Michigan, discusses hiring the formerly incarcerated

    Michigan Public Radio Interview
    With the company's vice president, Kenyatta Brame, and Jahaun McKinley, formerly incarcerated and lean manager at Cascade who has been with the company for six years.
  • Take the Fair Chance Business Pledge

    America is a nation of second chances. The White House is calling on businesses to eliminate unnecessary hiring barriers for individuals with criminal records.
  • National Reentry Week: April 24 - 30

    Courtesy of Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch
    ....we're raising awareness of the importance of reentry strategies that increase public safety and fulfill our nation's promise of redemption...which can reduce crime and make our neighborhoods better places to live.
  • Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2016

    by The Prison Policy Initiative
    Does the United States have more than 2 million people in prison? Are most people locked up for drug offenses? This report offers some clarity....
  • Pope Calls for Worldwide Abolition of Death Penalty

    Pope Francis on Sunday called for the worldwide abolition of the death penalty, saying the commandment "You shall not kill" was absolute and equally valid for the guilty as for the innocent.
    Using some of his strongest words ever against capital punishment, he also called on Catholic politicians worldwide to make "a courageous and exemplary gesture" by seeking a moratorium on executions during the Church's current Holy Year, which ends in November.
  • Worker Ownership Behind Bars

    A cooperative in Puerto Rico's Guayama prison, started in 2003, has helped dozens of incarcerated individuals reduce their sentences and return to their communities. Inmate Gordon Nembhard said "The co-op provides a different point of view. It's not 'me against the world'. It's the co-op and my fellow members working and thinking together. That is transformational."
  • Let Prisoners Take College Courses

    NY Times Opinion Page
    What do incarcerated individuals do in prison? We’re all tucked away in cellblocks watching TV. We watch a lot - all day, all night. It’s called the “TV program.”
  • Everything We Know About the Drug War & Addiction is Wrong

    Johann Hari on Democracy Now!
    "We have created a society where huge numbers of our fellow citizens can’t bear to be present in their lives..."
    "...there’s nothing in human evolution that prepares us for being as isolated as the ideal citizen of a hypercapitalist, hyperconsumerist country"