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Motivation Tips

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Lasting motivation is possible, but you must first adopt an outlook that allows you to be successful!

  1. Systematically and deliberately create success. Deciding what you want to do with your life, what you will do when you get there, and what the steps are to get you where you want to be. Write down the end goal and the steps to get to it.
  2. Don’t let your feelings get in the way. You will come up with every excuse in the book to not move forward. You will even believe many of your excuses are legitimate! While it is hard to get a locomotive to start moving, once it’s up to speed, it’s equally tough to slow it down! When you believe your excuses, you’re stuck in the station; pretending you need something trivial to start your journey. No matter how you feel, get up and do it anyway!
  3. Change the habits and behaviors that led you to procrastinate. Look at what you are doing that holds you back! Schedule the time to do nothing.
  4. Several small jobs done over time are much more manageable than one large task with no end in sight. Instead of focusing on the difficulty of the large task, break it into smaller jobs and create a timeline for finishing them.
  5. Try tackling the more undesirable tasks early in the day so that by afternoon you can pursue more pleasant activities.
  6. Exercise self-discipline. Say ‘no’ when you need to. Concentrate on your goals the majority of the time.
  7. Overcome procrastination and block out human or media impediments! Concentrate. Refuse to let others alter the path you have chosen. If you stray from the path, promptly get back on. Procrastination is a self-defeating behavior that develops in part due to low self-esteem and fear of failure (and fear of success!).
  8. Review your habits; are you visualizing accomplishing your goals? You must change the habits and behaviors that led you to procrastinate in the first place. Lose demotivating habits and replace them with habits that lead to self-motivation and control over your life.
  9. Reward yourself. Your self motivation will increase enormously if you give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. It feels great to accomplish tasks!
  10. Have fun! Learning to enjoy yourself keeps you enthusiastic and motivated and helps you keep your stress levels under control. After all good vibes just create more good vibes!
  11. Imagine what the rewards will be when you finally reach your destination and keep that thought foremost in your mind. You can also imagine the bad consequences (pain, frustration, the feeling of defeat) that may occur if you don’t!
  12. If you can, tell someone about your goals so you can check in with them periodically to tell them of your progress.
  13. Find your true interest. If you dislike certain tasks, just relate them to the greater goal.
  14. Set an objective, set a goal, then plan and execute. Unorganized work is the number one reason for failures. The eventual result is negativity, fear and giving up.
  15. Tick off the work that you have completed! When you prepare a to-do list of what you have to do, prioritize that list and then start ticking off tasks as they are completed, you become motivated to complete them all!