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Choose Your Perspective


SwellnessAppleTake a little time every day to become stronger emotionally!

Managing Anger

We can’t eliminate anger, but we can manage it. We can make it a useful tool instead of one that demolishes.

Handling Frustration

In order to successfully manage frustration, you need to first understand what causes it.

Dealing with Rejection

When we put ourselves in a position to be vulnerable to another person’s opinion, we risk rejection.

Working Through Depression

When we feel sad, hopeless or depressed, we often feel like we don’t have a choice in how they are experienced

Resisting Influence

A shortened version of the original which was prepared by Dr. Philip Zimbardo and Cindy X. Wang.

Motivation Tips

We cannot always be pulled or pushed. Sometimes we just want to be interested in what we’re doing!

Transition Tips

A list of tips to consider that can help you go through the transition process

Culture Shock!

To appreciate some of the cultural challenges a newly released prisoner has, consider these lifestyle differences.

Educate Yourself

Need more math skills? Concerned about your grammar? Looking to pick up more knowledge or skills?

How To Watch TV

Reflections and suggestions for Defensive TV Viewing.


At Fair Shake, we believe that gratitude is a vital component to mental health, engagement in community, and to feeling important and valued in society.

UBUNTU: Building Social Fabric

At Fair Shake, we believe in the philosophy of Ubuntu, which will help to build our Social Fabric.


Beliefs have the ability to empower you, or limit you. Here you will find things to consider when choosing beliefs.

Cognitive Biases

Recognizing your personal filters! Click here to learn about Cognitive Bias.

Mark Manson

“Most of what I write is written for myself, first and foremost. I don’t share these ideas because I think I’m right and other people are wrong. I write them because I think I’m wrong, and correcting my own misjudgments on a public platform seems to help out a lot of other people in the process.”


Habits – Mark Manson

Happiness – Mark Manson

Self-Knowledge – Mark Manson