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Veterans Page

FloridaThank you for your service to our country!

This page was created to assist veterans who are, or have been, incarcerated. There are several resources on this page that may help reduce the pressures associated with reentry. 

The mural on the right was created by in a veterans housing unit in a Florida DOC prison.

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U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs:


Veterans Crisis Line: 800-273-8255 (Press 1)

Fed veterans

Site Map:  


Facility and Service Locator page:


Health Care for Re-entry Veterans Services and Resources (HCRV)

The HCRV program is designed to promote success and prevent homelessness among Veterans returning home after incarceration.

HCRV services include:

~ Outreach and pre-release assessment services

~ Referrals and linkages to medical, mental health, social, and employment services

~ Short-term case management assistance on release

Find your area HCRV Specialist here:


Forms you may need:  

Many of the links including an informational video.

Application for Education Benefits (22-1990)


Examination for Household Status or Permanent Need for Regular Aid and Attendance (Form 21-2680) 


Request for Change of Program (22-1995)


Statement in Support of Claim (21-4138)


Veteran’s Group Life Insurance (VGLI) Application


Documents you might find helpful:

Yellow Ribbon Pamphlet


Stress and Homelessness


wounded warriorWounded Warrior Project

The WWP mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors who incurred a physical or mental injury, illnesses, or wound, co-incident to your military service on or after September 11, 2001.

4899 Belfort Road, Suite 300
Jacksonville, FL 32256

877.TEAMWWP (832.6997)


Mental Health Support (general)


rd_iconVeteran’s Reentry Guides by State

Veteran’s Reentry Guides

All of the Reentry Guides were found on this page:  https://www.va.gov/homeless/reentry_guides.asp of the US Dept of Veteran’s Affairs website. The page still exists, but all of the pdf’s are ‘empty’.  Why didn’t they delete this page? Why has the VA abandoned veterans who are coming home from US prisons? This is the VA text from the page: Incarcerated Veterans Re-entry Guides contain information on resources and how to plan a successful reentry. Please select a state to view local re-entry resources for incarcerated Veterans.

State by State Veterans Reentry Guides:

Alabama  al-2009.pdf

Alaska  09_ak.pdf

Arizona  09_az.pdf

Arkansas 09_ar.pdf

California  09_ca.pdf

Colorado 09_co.pdf

Connecticut  09_ct.pdf

Delaware  09_de.pdf

District of Columbia 09_md_dc.pdf

Florida 09_fl.pdf

Georgia 09_ga.pdf

Hawaii 09_hi.pdf

Idaho 09_id.pdf

Illinois 09_il.pdf

Indiana 09_in.pdf

Iowa 09_ia.pdf

Kansas  09_ks.pdf

Kentucky 09_ky.pdf

Louisiana 09_la.pdf

Maine 09_me.pdf

Maryland 09_md_dc.pdf

Massachusetts 09_ma.pdf

Michigan 09_mi.pdf

Minnesota   09_mn.pdf


Mississippi 09_ms.pdf

Missouri 09_mo.pdf

Montana 09_mt.pdf

Nebraska 09_ne.pdf

Nevada 09_nv.pdf

New Hampshire 09_nh.pdf

New Jersey 10_nj.pdf

New Mexico 09_nm.pdf

New York 09_ny.pdf

North Carolina 09_nc.pdf

North Dakota 09_nd.pdf

Ohio 09_oh.pdf

Oklahoma 09_ok.pdf

Oregon 09_or.pdf

Pennsylvania 09_pa.pdf

Rhode Island 09_ri.pdf

South Carolina 09_sc.pdf

South Dakota 09_sd.pdf

Tennessee 09_tn.pdf

Texas 09_tx.pdf

Utah 09_ut.pdf

Vermont 09_vt.pdf

Virginia 09_va.pdf

Washington 09_wa.pdf

West Virginia 09_wv.pdf

Wisconsin wi-incarceratedveteransguidebook.pdf

Wyoming 09_wy.pdf

VetsVeterans Services

and Benefits 

Get the VA benefits you’ve earned: https://www.vets.gov/

Disability Benefits: https://www.vets.gov/disability-benefits/

You may be able to get VA disability benefits if you got sick or injured, or developed a mental health condition (like PTSD) while serving in the military.

Health Care Benefits: https://www.vets.gov/health-care/

Apply for VA health care, find out how to access services, and manage your health and benefits online.

Education Benefits: https://www.vets.gov/education/

We offer Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families education benefits like help paying tuition, help finding the right school or training program, and career counseling. Explore your benefit options.

Housing Assistance: https://www.vets.gov/housing-assistance/

Find out if you qualify for a VA home loan. If you have a service-connected disability, find out if you qualify for a housing grant to help you live more independently.

Careers and Employment: https://www.vets.gov/employment/

We can support you in all stages of your job search – from returning to work with a service-connected disability, to getting more training for new job opportunities, to starting or growing your own business. We can also connect you with Department of Labor resources for more career advice, help building your resume, and access to employers who want to hire Veterans and military spouses.

Life Insurance: https://www.vets.gov/life-insurance/

If you’re a Servicemember or Veteran—or the spouse or dependent child of a Servicemember—you may be able to get life insurance through VA. Explore your options, manage your policy, and file claims.

Pension Benefits: https://www.vets.gov/pension/

If you’re a wartime Veteran who meets certain age or disability requirements, and your income and net worth are within certain limits, you may qualify for monthly payments through our Veterans Pension program.

Burials and Memorials:  https://www.vets.gov/burials-and-memorials/

We can help service members, Veterans, and family members plan a burial or memorial service. Find out how to get burial benefits.

Family and Caregiver Benefits:  https://www.vets.gov/families-caregivers/

Find out if your family qualifies for benefits like health care, VA-backed home loans, life insurance, or money to help pay for college. If you’re caring for a Veteran with disabilities, find out if you can get added support. 


Employment Opportunities

Helmets to Hardhats


If you’re looking for a career, you’re in the right place. Helmets to Hardhats connects quality men and women from the Armed Forces with promising building and construction careers.


VETNET A Career Service for Those Who’ve Served


VETNET is a collaboration between veteran–focused non–governmental organizations designed to help vets and their families find careers. Transitioning from military to civilian life presents unique challenges. To make things easier and provide structure, a few of the leading organizations in veteran career development have combined forces to create one easy place to start.

  • Get your resume and career search skills squared away

  • Connect with industry leaders

  • Attend classes to learn how to start your own business

O*NET OnLine (Occupational Information



O*NET is a web–based application that can provide military personnel with a crosswalk of jobs worked in the military to jobs in the civilian workforce that have similar job requirements.

Veterans Guide to Getting Hired


This is an informational site to assist veterans in their job search: Resources, Tips and Advice for Veterans Returning to the Workforce.

Veterans Health Identification Card


The VHIC is issued only to Veterans who are enrolled in the VA health care system. The card provides:

  • Increased security for your personal information

  • Unique Member Identifier — Department of Defense assigns an electronic data interchange personal identifier (EDIPI) that allows VA to retrieve the Veteran’s health record.

  • A salute to your military service – The emblem of your latest branch of service is displayed on your card. Several special awards will also be listed.

  • Accessibility – Braille “VA” helps visually impaired Veterans to recognize and use the card

  • Anti-Counterfeiting – Microtext helps prevent reproductions


VA Benefits for Homeless Veterans


Homeless Veterans may be eligible for a wide-variety of benefits available to all U.S. military Veterans. VA benefits include disability compensation, pension, education and training, health care, home loans, insurance, vocational rehabilitation and employment, and burial. See our Veterans page for an overview of the benefits available to all Veterans.

Health Care

The VA Health Care Network provides care to Veterans across the nation at VA Medical Centers, Community-Based Outpatient Clinics, and Vet Centers. Many of these facilities offer health care programs for homeless Veterans, including mental health services.

Learn more about health care and mental health services for homeless Veterans.

Housing Assistance

There are many federal housing programs that can support homeless Veterans and their families. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and VA Supportive Housing Program (HUD-VASH) partner to provide permanent, supportive housing and treatment services for homeless Veterans.

Learn more about HUD-VASH.

Employment Assistance

VA has many employment and training programs that provide homeless Veterans and Veterans at-risk of homelessness the opportunity to return to healthy, productive lifestyles within their communities.

Learn more about VA employment programs.

Foreclosure Assistance

If you have a VA loan but are having trouble making your mortgage payments, it is very important that you take steps to avoid a foreclosure. VA may be able to help.

Learn more about Foreclosure Assistance.

How to Apply

Each VA Regional Office has a Homeless Veterans Outreach Coordinator who is a direct point of contact for you to learn more about what benefits you qualify for, assist you with applying for those benefits, and refer you to other organizations and resources that will help you get back on your feet.

To find your local Homeless Veterans Outreach Coordinator, please visit the nearest VA Regional Office or call VA’s National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-4AID-VET (1-877-424-3838).

Veteran Justice Outreach (VJO) Initiative


The VJO initiative is designed to help Veterans avoid unnecessary criminalization of mental illness and extended incarceration by ensuring eligible justice-involved Veterans receive timely access to VA health care, specifically mental health and substance use services (if clinically indicated) and other VA services and benefits as appropriate.

More Resources

The Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP was established to meet the needs of veterans during their period of transition into civilian life by offering job-search assistance and related services. The guide books below were created specifically to support you by applying considerations from your service life to your job seeking. Check in with your local TAP program to find out about jobs that are available near you. To locate your local support office, click on this link:


Personal Appraisal & Career Exploration

Job Search Strategies & Interviews

Reviewing Job Offers & Support and Assistance


Military to Federal Jobs Crosswalk


Identify federal jobs available in Maryland related to your military occupation.


Veteran Legal Advocacy


Representing Washington Veterans provides basic civil, legal and cultural information, enabling veteran’s advocates in Washington to understand and navigate the complex system of federal, state, and local benefits, services, and programs that are available for veterans.

How Incarceration Affects Eligibility for VA Benefits


VA can pay certain benefits to Veterans who are incarcerated in a Federal, State, or local penal institution; however, the amount depends on the type of benefit and reason for incarceration.

Disability Compensation

VA disability compensation payments are reduced if a Veteran is convicted of a felony and imprisoned for more than 60 days.


Veterans in receipt of VA pension will have payments terminated effective the 61st day after imprisonment in a Federal, State, or local penal institution for conviction of a felony or misdemeanor. Payments may be resumed upon release from prison if the Veteran meets VA eligibility requirements.

Education Benefits

Convicted felons residing in halfway houses, or participating in work-release programs, can receive full monthly benefits.

Additional Information

Each VA Regional Office has a Homeless Veterans Outreach Coordinator who assists justice-involved Veterans. They are a direct point of contact for you to learn about  benefits you qualify for. To find your local Homeless Veterans Outreach Coordinator, please call VA’s National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-4AID-VET (1-877-424-3838).