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Corrections / Reentry Professionals

Fair Shake offers corrections and other reentry professionals – such as parole/probation officers, social workers, educators, restorative justice volunteers and more – a unique opportunity to support a formerly incarcerated individual’s transition to society.

We support you in your efforts and we offer you many free options!

    • RESOURCES: Free access to select and print resources from our Resource Directory
    • FREE SOFTWARE: Download a software application of our website. Incarcerated individuals can learn to use our website on stand-alone computers without access to the internet. (available only to prisons and jails)
    • PRINT: Documents from our Reentry Ownership Manual (more information below)
    • SHARE YOUR RESOURCES: Help us help others by contributing to the Resource Directory

Free Software Application

Fair Shake’s software performs exactly like the website – but without internet access.  Users can search the Resource Directory, peruse the Ownership Manual, learn Computer Basics and much more.  It’s FREE and available to load on your stand-alone computers. 

Available as a download, flash drive or DVD, for use on an unlimited number of machines.Sign up here: Sign-up here.

NOTE: We are currently sending version 2.0.6, which will only run on WIN 10 and 11.  For older operating systems, please request version 1.3.6, our most recent version that will work with XP through WIN 10.

Email Sue:  sue(at)fairshake(dot)net for more information.

Reentry Studies: Correctional Educators Share Reentry Innovation


Oklahoma Dept of Corrections

The educators in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections have created an innovative approach to reentry studies. They built their curriculum utilizing a number of resources assembled together, much like a college course, to provide not only the information contained in the lessons, but also the understanding that there is no single way to study reentry (there are many ways), and also to incorporate Fair Shake’s software into their lessons inside so that the incarcerated will be comfortable utilizing the website once they go home.

The Oklahoma DOC shared a teacher’s reentry lesson plan, and a  fun and thought-provoking reentry word games book, created by a student.

12 days of Reentry Lesson plans (incorporating Fair Shake)

OK DOC teacher’s FS Lesson Plans

Download or print the word games book:

Reentry Word Games Book

Share the Reentry Ownership Manual!

The Reentry Ownership Manual is being used in several facilities for reentry classes, employment preparation classes and more.  Feel free to share one page or the whole book!  At one of the facilities in the Missouri DOC, the Ownership Manual has been freely distributed on tablets!  I received a message from Matt, telling me that he downloaded the Owner’s Manual as a pdf and posted it on all the offender tablets for them to review.”  Feel free to share it on the tablets in your facility, too.

Download / Print a Fair Shake Reentry Ownership Manual

You can ‘flip’ through the book here.   We can also ship a box of Ownership Manuals for your library or Reentry Resource room!

email Sue with questions: sue(at)fairshake(dot)net

Build a Custom Reentry Packet!

Find, Save and Print resources and reentry information for free!

You can build custom packets when you combine the resources you find and save, with the employment, mental health, and other supportive documents found in the new OWNERSHIP MANUAL.

Custom Reentry Packet Builder

Prepare For Work!Employment


  • – Resume Writing Ideas
  • – Letter of Explanation
  • – Prepare For Your Interview
  • … and much more!

Self-Directed Computer Basics Tutorial

Need help teaching computer skills? We have tutorials, short cuts and more on our

Building Computer Skills page!

(Also available in our FREE Software application)

CloudSend Digital Property Too!

A fast, easy, free way to send people home with their Digital Property:

Google Drive (15 GB free)   google.com/drive

Drop Box (2 GB free)     dropbox.com

Free Data Storage Online!

Support for Parents

Prison Parenting Programs is edited by Jerry Bednarowski.and published by the Correctional Educators Association – Wisconsin.

This directory has been created to help correctional educators and community agencies enhance existing or create new parenting programs in correctional facilities and the community.

Prison Parenting Programs


Help us build the most comprehensive free reentry resource library!  Feel free to email single resources, spread sheets or names with links. We’ll get them in the directory so people around the country can benefit from your contribution.

Thank you!

email Sue with resources and/or questions: sue(at)fairshake(dot)net