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Sue Kastensen

Current Address: PO Box 63 Westby, Wisconsin 54667

Phone: 123-123-1234

[email protected]

About Me

It’s good to be back but I have had a few challenges . While in prison I learned a lot about what I can become and have new desires and goals. I am through trying to take shortcuts, not only am I unwilling to take that risk but am also morally against some of my previous shortcuts. Through my skills, previous employment, and education you can see I am very interested in computers and while on that path I hope to help pay for college for my daughter.

Personal References

  • Alex Wikstrom
  • Co-worker
  • Alex has worked with me since the very beginning. He has seen first hand the strength and diligence in my work.

Verified References

  • Fair Shake
  • Title:Employer
  • Sue is a very hard worker. I am always amazed by her diligence and accuracy. It has been a joy to work with her.

Work / Experience

  • State of Wisconsin (Green Bay Correctional Institution); Allouez, Wisconsin


    Kitchen Worker

    Cleaned the grill, food preparation surfaces, counters, and floors. Met high quality standards for food preparation, service, and safety.


  • Bicycle Tinkering

    I learned to tune bicycles through YouTube demonstrations. I can now work on Derailleurs, Brakes, Tires, Wheels, Spokes, Shocks, Cranks, Headsets

Special Recognitions

  • Employee of the month – La Crosse County Humane Society (March and April, 2007) See a scanned copy of the award in my Documents section.

Education History

  • Self Taught Online Courses


    Office Software

    Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentations, PDF Creation Through a lot of use and online tutorials I discovered how to professionally use Word Processing software, create Calculating Spreadsheets, present ideas visually and create attractive brochures, handouts or booklets that are easy to print.

  • General Equivalency Diploma


    Western Technical College Certification that I have high school level academic skills. See a scanned copy of the certificate in my Documents section.

Training History

  • Administration


    At Fair Shake I was trained to sharpen my written language skills, recognize pertinent information, listen to an individual’s issues with company software, and come up with solutions that satisfy my superiors and users alike. I was taught how to listen well and speak on behalf of the organization. More training includes the ability to schedule and supply reports, write member news and reports, and communicate to a large group through email subscribers, social networking, and video creation.