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Fair Shake Brochure & Flyers

Print and share the Fair Shake flyers!

The brochures have been removed temporarily for updating.  Below you’ll find the flyers that I send to everyone who requests information.  Feel free to print and share!

Fair Shake Flyers

These are the first 6 pages (3 pages when printed on both sides) of information that I send to everyone. I then add 4 pages of state and national resources so I send one full ounce…or one stamp’s worth of information.

FUN FACT: Many of the envelopes and stamps that we send out at Fair Shake have been donated by incarcerated people.  These generous donors reach  people they will never meet to support them in their journey back to society.

I’ve included a few other documents that are frequently requested…but you can be creative and add Newsletters and / or Resources or pages from the Ownership Manual!

Fair Shake flyers for everyone

State, National and Other flyers are available in the software and on the website.

The 4 page documents (2 pieces of paper) below offer state and national resource information.  Wisconsin and California have 6 pages (3 pieces of paper) of resources, which requires the ‘extra ounce’ stamp if you’re mailing them.

National Resources (2 pages/ 1 piece of paper)  Note: Most of the state flyers below include at least one of the two pages of national resources.