FAIR SHAKE OWNERSHIP MANUAL (OM)  (The OM replaces the Fair Shake Reentry Packet) Thblahah blahble OM is a The OM is a primer to increase the ownership of our lives: when you own yourself, you own your future. Fair Shake will never tell you what you need or what you should do. Every person is different, so the OM provides plenty of information for you to peruse and choose. Everyone deserves a fair shake at life!

Feel free to print and share the entire packet, or you can select individual pages HERE. .

Clifton, who works in the print shop where the Fair Shake Ownership Manual is being made, shared this surprise testimonial:  “I’m happy to be one of the people making sure that the “Ownership Manual” is put together perfectly. I appreciate the time and effort you put into making sure WE have all the resources that we will need once we re-enter into the community. It feels so wonderful to know that I can get counseling without even meeting you in person, and actually LIKE & WANT the type of counseling that you provide.

You can ‘flip’ through the Ownership Manual by clicking on the image below.