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Fair Shake Member Tool Tutorials

Notice: Some of our tutorials are not all up-to-date today. We launched our new website on Saturday, June 9th and anticipate all the correct tutorials to be in place by Monday, June 25th. These tutorials are still pretty useful, however. Thanks for your patience.

Fair Shake Member Mail Tutorial
Fair Shake Resource Directory Tutorial
Fair Shake Documents / Photos and Data Manager Tutorial
Fair Shake Personal Web Page Tutorial

Learning to use a Computer?

Available on Fair Shake both offline and online


Computer Basics
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If you are new to computers, we can show you how to use these tools: from learning the basics to software, storage and more.
Visit the Building Computer Skills page

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with a Computer

Available Online Only

Using a Mouse

Using a Keyboard

Printing and Printers

Using a Flash Drive



Using Computers

Internet / Storage

Useful Software

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