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Policy and Legislation

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American Civil Liberties Union: Prisoners Rights

The ACLU promote a fair and effective criminal justice system in which incarceration is used only as a last resort, and its purpose is to prepare prisoners for release and a productive, law-abiding life at the earliest possible time.



Sentencing Project

The Sentencing Project has worked for a fair and effective U.S. criminal justice system for 30 years. The Sentencing Project is a leader in changing the way Americans think about crime and punishment.  Founded in 1986, The Sentencing Project works for a fair and effective U.S. criminal justice system by promoting reforms in sentencing policy, addressing unjust racial disparities and practices, and advocating for alternatives to incarceration.



Ban The Box Campaign

Benefits of Banning the Box

  •  ~ Employers have access to the best candidates for the  position

  •  ~ Demonstrates your organizations commitment to social change

  •  ~ Puts your organization ahead of coming legislation

  •  ~ Encourages best practices from HR and hiring managers


NELP Ban The Box Page:   http://www.nelp.org/campaign/ensuring-fair-chance-to-work/


Prison Policy Initiative – Prisoners of the Census

Prison gerrymandering is the practice of counting incarcerated people as residents of the prisons that detain them, and then using those numbers when election districts are redrawn in order to comply with the Supreme Court’s one person-one vote requirement.  Only in Maine and Vermont can prisoners vote.



Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)

FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization fighting for smart sentencing laws that protect public safety. Mandatory minimum sentencing laws require binding prison terms of a particular length for people convicted of certain federal and state crimes. These inflexible, “one-size-fits-all” sentencing laws may seem like a quick-fix solution for crime, but they undermine justice by preventing judges from fitting the punishment to the individual and the circumstances of their offenses. Mandatory sentencing laws cause federal and state prison populations to soar, leading to overcrowding, exorbitant costs to taxpayers, and diversion of funds from law enforcement