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Model Programs Page

We invite you to consider engaging with reentry programs and/or to be creative and start your own!

College Initiative

 Available Online

Creating pathways from criminal justice involvement to college and beyond







The Fortune Society

 Available Online

Non-profit social service supporting
Incarcerated Individual successful reentry

Multimedia Page

Plenty of inspiration can be found in videos, audio or in magazine articles.


Length 4:46

Reentry Programs
Change Lives

James Cain’s successful reentry and help from
San Mateo reentry program.


Perfect for study groups, action groups, social justice groups: How can we lower the recidivism rate? Hint: not by pointing fingers.

Bloggers Behind Bars

These two incarcerated individuals have managed to project their voices to reach outside.
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Educate Yourself!

We’ve created this page to share education opportunities. The internet can be used as a powerful tool for growth; you can teach and learn by yourself!



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