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Hold a Book Drive

Procedure for holding a book drive

  1. Pick the starting and ending dates you will be collecting books.
  2. Ask Permission from site and inquire about location to hang fliers and put the box.
  3. Download the Book Drive Flyer.
  4. Fill in the dates and location.
  5. Print as many as needed, along with “Book Drive Collection Box” signs.
  6. Hang the fliers and place the box on the designated day.
  7. Make an announcement to the congregation or visitors in a bulletin or in person.
  8. Clear books out every week and gather for shipping.
  9. On the last day of the drive gather last books and the box, and remove all fliers.
  10. Document how many books were donated for a “Thank you” to the location and people.
  11. Package books and pick location to send them from these options:
    • Find nearest book donation site with this interactive map: http://www.booksthroughbars.org/pbp/
    • Books to Prisoners (2 15lb. boxes max.) c/o University Christian Church 4731 15th Ave NE Seattle, WA, 98105
    • WI Books to Prisoners Project Drop or mail sites Lakeside Press – 1334 Williamson St., Madison, WI 53703 Madison Infoshop – 1019 Williamson St., Madison, WI 53703 People’s Bookstore – 2122 E. Locust, Milwaukee WI 53211
    • Dry River Collective Attn: Read Between The Bars 740 N. Main Ave. Tucson, AZ 85702
  12. On the ending date, pick up the last books, the box, and be sure to remove any and all signs.
  13. Send remaing books, tally the number of total books and send a thank you card to whoever let you use their space to collect books.