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 A few videos from Archbishop Desmond Tutu:

ADTA Brief Description

Intro from Semester at Sea

The Essence of Being Human

Rev. Mpho Tutu


Reverend Mpho Tutu

Anti-Recidivism Coalition

ARCJoin the Fireside Chat conversations or watch them later!  The ARC covers the complexity of reentry with the voices of the experienced, experts in the field and supportive organizations.

Find out more about ARC here: www.antirecidivism.org

Motivating TEDx Decatur Talks!

JuliusThe People vs. Recidivism: Julius Campbell invites us to join hands to help returning citizens succeed

Julius Campbell, who spent over a quarter of a century in the Georgia prison system before his recent release, shares invaluable insights into the causes of recidivism and what we the people – as individuals and as communities – can do about it.


Dr. Nicholas PowellImproving Criminal Justice with Four Mindset Shifts

Nicholas Powell shares a unique view!   TEDx Talk: “Dr. Nicholas Powell fuses firsthand experience with criminal justice data to propose four urgently needed yet easily achievable mindset shifts to foster the well-being of people with criminal records and build stronger communities.” It’s time for us to “take an honest, critical look at how we perceive and interact with justice-involved individuals.”


SABAHow To Be Alive!

by Tom Asacker

Become Fiercely Authentic in a Delusional World

A series of 19 videos to guide you to “infuse your life with power and possibility”. Tom presents a way to learn the most important skill that nobody taught you”.