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Pen-pal Organizations

These pen-pal organizations have been recommended by incarcerated folks.  Fair Shake checked out the websites and they all look current and well-presented. Caveat Emptor!  (Buyer, Beware!)

P.O. Box 340693
Milwaukee, WI 53234

Send a S.A.S.E. with your request for a full brochure.

 “Good People” is a Wisconsin based pen-pal website and resource service that prides itself in keeping incarcerated men and women connected to the free world, as well as having affordable prices for all.  We offer four tiered packages: Bronze ($15), Silver ($20), Gold ($25), and our most popular Platinum ($30). For a limited time offer, use promo code: FAIRSHAKE for $3.00 off. Add goodpeopleinbadplaces@gmail.com on Corrlinks! 


P.O. Box 10
Edgewater, FL 32132 USA
250 words and 1 photo: $40 per year
Better Business Bureau accredited


PO Box 242
Mascot, TN 37806
150 words and 1 photo: $10 per year


Inmate Mingle
P O Box 23207
Columbia SC 29224
Corrlinks Contact: info@inmatemingle.com
Inmate Mingle was recommended for relationships
$30 first year and $20 to renew
(there is a $40 and $50 dollar level, too)


Black and Pink Pen Pal Program
6223 Maple St #4600
Omaha, NE  68104


Human Rights Pen Pals
1301 Clay Street
P.O. Box 71378
Oakland, CA 94612
Provides educational and supportive correspondence between people in solitary confinement and supporters outside the prison walls.

P.O. Box 64256
Washington, DC 20029
Email: servingntime1@gmail.com   
website: https://servingntime.webs.com/mission.htm
Basic Ad: $15 per year:  150 words plus one pic*
Gold: $20 per year –  250 words plus two pics
Superstar: $30 per year – 500 words, 5 pics
*pic: of you or your art



Box 533
North Dighton, MA 02764
Corrlinks: Diane@Freebirdpublications
A Freebird Publications project.


Unitarian Universalist Association
CLF Letter Writing Prison Ministry
25 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108
Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF), a part of the Unitarian Universalists, provides ministry and correspondence to those who are isolated. The CLF Letter Writing Ministry matches prisoner members with non-incarcerated Unitarian Universalist’s for an exchange of friendly letters on topics of mutual interest.  All letter writers (prisoners and “free-world”) agree to the same guidelines, which emphasize that our program is not intended for romantic, legal-aid or financial/gift interactions. Contact the address above to request a pen pal.


FFUP (Forum for Understanding Prisons)
29631 Wild Rose Drive
Blue River, WI 53518
Write directly to FFUP Pen Pals to request a pen pal volunteer.  Provide some information on your background and the areas of interest for which you would like to correspond.


Prison Mindfulness Institute
11 S. Angell St. #303
Providence, RI 02906
Organizes a pen pal program between prisoners and meditation volunteer.