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Success Stories

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Paul Williams

After spending years behind bars, Paul Williams co-founded the company Pointman Enterprises in Duncan, Texas. Pointman Enterprises’ focus is sealing or expunging felony records for formerly incarcerated individuals to help them obtain employment.

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DeWarren Carter

In the last few years of his prison sentence, DeWarren Carter discovered Project Re-entry (A Goodwill Industries association).? While in prison with the help of this organization he learned some important personal management skills and also some useful employment skills like dog training and carpentry.? After exiting prison, DeWarren completed his Veterinary Assistant training with the assistance of Project Re-entry.? Two years later he landed the job and is now self sufficient and making money.?


Charles Plummer

Charles came to Goodwill? in April 2009 through the Michigan Prisoner Reentry Initiative program. Charles had various breaking and entering convictions. He was referred to Goodwill through his parole officer, as he was released from prison with very little personal resources.

He was pretty unsure about the program at first, but continued to show up.? He completed our month-long Better Life Initiative classes and received a certificate in May 2009.? He started a 90-day temporary work experience at our recycle center, and completed that experience in August of 2009 with a great recommendation from his supervisor.

Charles is working on getting his license back, and has already purchased his own vehicle. He is now taking marriage counseling classes, and will be getting married at the end of the summer.


Michael Santos

Michael G. Santos is federal prisoner # 16377-004. He has been incarcerated since 1987, when he was 23. He is currently confined in the Atwater Federal Prison Camp, serving his 25th consecutive year as a federal prisoner. Although Michael has no history of violence, weapons, or previous incarceration, a judge sanctioned him to a 45-year sentence for convictions related to the distribution of cocaine.

While serving multiple decades of prison in every security level, Michael has worked consistently to earn freedom and reconcile with society for the reckless decisions of his early 20s. Michael earned his bachelor’s degree from Mercer University in 1992 while he was confined in the United States Penitentiary in Atlanta. He earned his master’s degree from Hofstra University in 1995 while he was confined at the Federal Correctional Institution, McKean, in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

Michael leveraged his educational credentials as he advanced his commitment to earning freedom and preparing for a law-abiding life upon release. He built a strong support network that includes leading citizens who endorse his work and use it as a resource to teach others. From within the federal prison system Michael has written numerous books that publishers have brought to market in order to contribute to the education of tens of thousands. He works tirelessly?through his writings, teachings, and personal example?to show other prisoners how to prepare for success upon release from prison. Readers may follow Michael’s progress through his daily and weekly accountability logs, and through his professed values and goals. For more information, visit his website here: http://michaelsantos.org/