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We have created this page to provide ways for people to engage in building fair chance opportunities. If you are unable to add your skills personally, please support the organizations the are performing the important public services that we need in our society today.

Ban The Box

The Ban The Box initiative exists to remove the question “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” from a job application. Both states and cities have banned the box, sometimes only for public jobs and sometimes for both public and private employment. Find out what is happening in your area and join the movement to help eliminate the ‘box’ around the country.


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Ban The Box page!



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Support for Employers

You can help your employer understand why it’s important to include formerly incarcerated people at your workplace! In addition to just finding the best people for the job, there are financial and training incentives to address and support most concerns and considerations.


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Support Organizations That Support Returning Citizens

You can help your employer understand why it’s important to include formerly incarcerated people.

Learn about amazing reentry engagement organizations on our Model Programs page!


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  • An Office In The Cloud with an email account, data storage, and a Personal Web Page, exclusively for returning citizens

…and so much more.

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Send Books! You can send books to individuals or hold a book drive and send them to a prison library.