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Fair Shake in the News

Sue has brought Fair Shake a long way since it’s inception and people are starting to notice what a great leader she is and what a great asset Fair Shake is to us all. In order to inspire others to take charge and join us in our cause we want to share some articles that highlight Fair Shake.

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                                                                                                              CoCIMG_4152  100NTnRep. Kind and Sue Kastensen                          

Champions of Change

  Fair Chance Champion

Day Agenda (2)

“Using All Your Resources”

Houghton-Mifflin reference to FS


“Westby’s Fair Shake Honored by White House”

Westby Times Article


“…BOP Provided New Opportunity”

BOP reference to FS

Making  Changes


 “Fair Shake Offers Numerous Resources For a Successful Future”

 Crawford County Independent