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E-news- March 31, 2016

Hello Fair Shake Friends ~

Another busy month has passed and we are excited to share our news:

Top story: The Bureau of Prisons has approved the software and we are sending DVD’s to be loaded on to stand alone computers across the country!  And with that comes the opportunity BOP2to present Fair Shake in institutions.  Having the opportunity to share what we’ve created, and to get input for what people are looking for, is crucial to making the Fair Shake ‘bridge’ or ‘reentry hardware store’ valuable to all stakeholders.

It’s time to travel!  Sue will be back on the road starting the last week in April: National Reentry Week!   We hope to have the opportunity to present Fair Shake in most federal institutions this year.   Institutions visited recently: FCI Oxford and FCC Lompoc and coming up soon: FMC Rochester, FCC Allenwood (3 facilities), FCI McKean and FCC Hazelton, in addition to SCI Retreat in PA. 

We’re also now ready to pilot Fair Shake through the ‘limited internet access’ system being WIDOC2used in the state of Wisconsin and which many states are considering.  This would be the best option, ultimately, because incarcerated people could see resources as  we add them in real time!

And in more great news about real time access, the Dept. of Corrections in Pennsylvania is now allowing Fair Shake to be accessed in special Transitional Housing Units where individualsPENN@ are getting ready to go home. They can find their own resources and they can even sign up for a Fair Shake ‘office in the clouds’ account and start building their Personal Web Page!

We are excited to become America’s ‘go to’ Reentry Resource Center and we need you to FSimagemake it a reality!  We are growing very fast and we need your support to meet the demand.  No other organization does what we do.  The country needs a national resource service.  We already do this to a small but vital degree, but we need your help to effectively serve our future neighbors across the nation. Won’t you help us hire a person to send resources to those who request them?  Your support, even a small monthly donation, would go a long way to making this crucial service a reality. And we’d be happy to do it!

We now email our newsletter to the incarcerated through a secure email system the Bureau of Prisons has set up called Corrlinks.  Each month we share with those readers what we share with you, and we also include our newly started Thinking About Thinking ideas where we CorrLINKsquestion concepts found in philosophy, psychology, sociology, citizenship and what we call Swellness. To read our piece on creating The Good Life, please click on this link: https://www.fairshake.net/thinking about thinking/   We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Ubuntu! ~ sue

Sue Kastensen
Founder and Director
608 634 6363



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