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Prison severely impairs an incarcerated individual’s ability to maintain contact with the social world outside. Not only is it difficult for us to contact or visit incarcerated individuals, it is even more difficult for them to reach out.Few can bridge that chasm, but two who persevered and built a connection have contacted us. Through the support of loving family members these two incarcerated individuals have managed to project their voices to reach outside the prison walls, offering insight into the day-to-day life in prison, and it’s affect on the character of an incarcerated individual.

Steven Stone

Steven Stone is currently incarcerated in USP Allenwood, Pennsylvania. He has vowed to make the most out of his     incarceration by making a difference in the lives of others. He has taken on the responsibility of leadership working with others to create welcoming, proposal and mediation committees that will enable staff and the incarcerated to work together toward effective ends.

The goals of my blog are to bring awareness to our communities about the struggles and successes of incarcerated human beings. I would like to create a dialogue with members in society on issues that concern them and show them that incarcerated people can change for the better. I also want to give human beings inside an outlet to share their stories and theories with the public. I believe with one step at a time and working together we can make a difference in lives. I look forward to any of your comments. -Steven Leroy Stone

Read his blog Our Voice Matters online:  http://ourvoicemattersstevenstone.blogspot.com

Shannon Ross

A combination of the internet and a sense of community among those of us who’ve done time is the best way for us to strengthen our opportunities for success upon release.

With my blog I aim to help however I currently can. In it I use my experiences to remind those who’ve been released about what they risk returning to if they give up or lose focus of the promises they made when they were incarcerated.Guys who read it say it’s helpful.

I hope to expand this blog to include a variety of points of view, such as from those who’ve been out for some time, those who’ve just been released, female perspectives and even those who work in the system (PO’s, CO’s, etc.)

If you have any interest in getting involved with this or any advice for me about it, please send me an email. Also, if you are interested in or curious about restorative justice, check out my Facebook page to read a proposal for a great new website. Thank you.”

Read his blog The Inner Voice online: http://theinnervoice84.wordpress.com/

Send an email: ross.s510@yahoo.com


Eric Remerowski

Eric is currently incarcerated in Amarillo, Texas, serving a 50 year sentence.

He is a former boat builder, physiotherapist, commercial diver, and chef. He is also a student of history, philosophy, theology, and theoretical physics. He is an avid nature and animal lover.

He has a website called Mystic Ministries where he shares his philosophy, guided meditations, his recommended reading list, and the Mystery School.

Read his blog Saints Inside: http://saintsinside.blogspot.com/

Send an email (delivered via post): ericremerowski@gmail.com