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Prison severely impairs an incarcerated individual’s ability to maintain contact with the social world outside. Not only is it difficult for us to contact or visit incarcerated individuals, it is even more difficult for them to reach out.Few can bridge that chasm, but two who persevered and built a connection have contacted us. Through the support of loving family members these two incarcerated individuals have managed to project their voices to reach outside the prison walls, offering insight into the day-to-day life in prison, and it’s affect on the character of an incarcerated individual.

Shannon Ross

The Community

Those of us involved in the system — whether directly through activism or indirectly by being incarcerated or connected to someone who is — can significantly strengthen the anti-mass incarceration movement by engaging each other more as the community we are. Because we lack the financial resources and popularity of other movements, our success depends more on collaboration. Yet, many of us are so un/misinformed about what’s being done — what works and what doesn’t — in pursuit of our goals. Those in The System and those outside working to fix it should know about and, more importantly, have access to all other related efforts — movements within the movement — as well as remain informed of the struggles, conditions, and achievements of people within in The System. The Community aims to address this info/access gap by facilitating a more informed and connected community.

We are committed to honest, fair, professional-quality reporting. Each issue will contain a mix of content for incarcerated individuals, those outside involved in the anti-mass incarceration movement, and anyone sympathetic to it. We will actively pursue news from each state facility and each corner of the movement (re-entry, parole reform, solitary confinement, etc.).

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Steven Stone

Our Voice Matters

Steven Stone is currently incarcerated in USP Allenwood, Pennsylvania. He has vowed to make the most out of his     incarceration by making a difference in the lives of others. He has taken on the responsibility of leadership working with others to create welcoming, proposal and mediation committees that will enable staff and the incarcerated to work together toward effective ends.

The goals of my blog are to bring awareness to our communities about the struggles and successes of incarcerated human beings. I would like to create a dialogue with members in society on issues that concern them and show them that incarcerated people can change for the better. I also want to give human beings inside an outlet to share their stories and theories with the public. I believe with one step at a time and working together we can make a difference in lives. I look forward to any of your comments. -Steven Leroy Stone

Read his blog Our Voice Matters online:  http://ourvoicemattersstevenstone.blogspot.com

Eric Remerowski

Saints Inside

Eric is currently incarcerated in Amarillo, Texas, serving a 50 year sentence.

He is a former boat builder,

physiotherapist, commercial diver, and chef. He is also a student of history, philosophy, theology, and theoretical physics. He is an avid nature and animal lover.

Read his blog Saints Inside: http://saintsinside.blogspot.com/

Send an email (delivered via post): ericremerowski@gmail.com

Wayne T. Dowdy

Straight From The Pen

Get it uncut, uncensored, and in true form: This comes straight from the pen, literally and figuratively; words that escape the thick walls, bars and fences, lined with rows of sharp and shiny razor wire, designed to slice and dig deep into the flesh of anyone who dares to cross the guard line to venture into the real world, beyond the horizon but difficult to reach.

Welcome to life inside the American federal prison system. I will express my views from an open, honest, and straightforward perspective, with words that flow straight from the pen on diverse topics and issues that concerns the human experience.

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Aubrey Elwood



We all live in our own prison. We can go no farther than our own circle of enlightenment.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by Drawing A Wider Circle.

I am Aubrey Elwood, a federal prisoner here in the United States. I have a mental illness and the purpose of this blog is to bring a voice to those of us who have spent their lives in cages here in America, because of a mental illness. We are human beings, some of us are thinkers and writers who deserve a chance to be heard. I think we all have ideas that can benefit the world.

Aubrey Dean Elwood, born November 21, 1954, weighing 3 pounds, 8 and one half ounces, addicted to heroin, to a 15 year old illegal immigrant from Romania who died giving birth in the lane County Jail , Eugene, Oregon.

From a traumatic childhood where at age seven I was kidnapped from an orphanage by a psychopath who abandoned me three years later at a Fort Worth, Texas hospital with a dislocated shoulder, a cut over my right eye that required 10-stitches, third degree burns and bruises over my entire body. I had lived in a cellar alone three years. At 10 years old I weighed 28 pounds.

From there I was placed in a orphanage in New Orleans, Louisiana until I was twelve and placed in a mental institution where I was diagnosed schizophrenic, a mental illness that would consume me throughout my adult life.

I have spent over 60 years in institutions – Jails, prisons, mental hospitals – or homeless. Having never been to a school, I learned to read and write in a prison cell when I was 30 years old.

Dial front

Reading became a passion, reading such authors as Emerson, Galileo, Nietzsche, William James, Fox, and Benjamin Franklin to name just a few. I discovered those living messenger’s “thoughts” from which every human and supreme activity is born. In them I found history of the past and hope for the future. That they may become mental palaces that will live forever or a shack that the first breeze will carry away. They may delight the eye as well as the ear.

It is my most humble desire that through my writing that I may bring some hope to the hopeless, that I may inspire those who have become discouraged, bring liberation to those in bondage,that together we build a bridge of reason and span the chasm of doubt and cross onto the shores of illuminating understanding.

Dial back

We are the makers and molders of our lives, the builders of our destiny. This we can unerringly prove if we but watch, control and alter our thoughts. We must connect cause to effect, and use our every experience to obtain that knowledge of ourselves that is understanding, wisdom and power. Only by patience, practice and unending persistence may one enter into the Temple Of Knowledge.

Knowledge only has power through its application. We must do more than stare up the stairs, we must step up the steps. Here take my hand and we will take this journey together. I’ll hold the lantern for us.

SHUPeace & Light
Aubrey Elwood

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